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FayZah Spanos

Fayzah Spanos has been interested in art since the 4th grade. After her marriage in 1983 she began taking classes learning to make reproductions. Doll making absolutely fascinated her artistic talents; which led to creating original molds beginning with her son, Theodore, as her model. According to the Doll Reader article from Dec. '93/Jan. '94, "Fayzah likes to use oil-based clay for sculpting and is inspired by children, sometimes from a magazine photograph or just an expression that captures her heart." Collectors of her dolls can easily agree with this when they hold a FayZah Spanos doll and look into their precious faces.

If you do not yet have at least one FayZah Spanos doll in your doll collection, look at the dolls we offer in our collection. The dolls are limited in number and are approx. 26in. The vinyl dolls have the most beautiful skin tone and the faces are loveable with their "kissable" lips and gorgeous eyes framed by the most striking hair of curls or whatever the artist felt completed the picture.